4 things you need to check while hiring portaloo services

In this technological era, our modern societies are supported by many forms of technologies which have made our lives easier. Nearly every day some new technology springs up and due to them, we have taken things like sanitation for granted.

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If you have been with event or construction industries for years, then you might have begun to realize the importance of providing adequate toilet facilities in this modern era. Here are few things which you have to look for while going for portaloo hire services.


For big events and festivals, the most important and debated point for an event organizer is to estimate the quantity of portaloo they might require for the day. You may ask for help from the portaloo provider companies. If they are experienced one, then they can exactly guide you with the quantity you would require according to your estimated attendees.


None of the guests would like to use a dirty and smelly toilet. If you have hired a portaloo for the long term then you need to get it serviced to make sure they are clean and usable by the guest. Some of the portaloo service providers offer cleaning services as well, otherwise, you will have to look somewhere else for cleaning and emptying services.

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Timely delivery

The actual delivery of portaloo is a very important factor. You need to check with the company about the delivery of portaloo and if they can meet your requirements. For outdoor events, you can contact 1300dunnys at http://www.hireportabletoilets.com.au/events and ask for their help.


Most of the organizers have problems regarding price. The cheap service providers are not always the good one. You need to look for someone good in reputation. If you have used someone’s services in the past and were happy with it, then you can make a call to them again.


Most of the services providers collect the toilets as soon as the time period is over. But at times it may be possible that some providers take up to five working days to collect the toilet in which customers are responsible for their security. You can ask them to keep a vehicle available for pick on your end day.
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Organising an event is not an easy task and when it is to be done alone than it is like a burden. You can navigate to this website for getting more tips on organizing the perfect outdoor event.