A Guide To Male Infertility Treatment

Today, male infertility is a major issue. The male reproductive system is used to produce sperm and the hormone testosterone. But due long sitting hours or intake of drugs, the male reproductive system is unable to produce sperm. But today there are many techniques or treatments to retrieve the sperm from the testes.

What is surgical sperm collection?

In Vitro Fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection are the best techniques to collect sperms from the testes.

In IVF treatment, the egg from female and sperm from the male is tested for fertilization in the laboratory. The fertilized egg is grown in the lab and after some days it is placed in woman’s uterus.

In ICSI treatment, if there is a problem in men’s reproductive system, then one sperm is carried out from testes with the help of injection and it is inserted into each egg.

There are two techniques that are used to obtain sperm for use in IVF and ICSI treatment. These techniques are as follows:

PESA: In percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration, the sperms are collected from epididymis with the help of a syringe. It is used by many patients because it is very simple and a patient is allowed to go home within few hours after the treatment.

TESA: In testicular sperm aspiration, sperm is collected from the biopsy and used for men having non-disruptive azoospermia. After TESA, patients have pain and swelling.

There are several clinics and health centers which provide IVF treatments to the patients. These treatments are very much effective to overcome fertility issues. It’s the right and best treatment for couples who want a baby.