Basics of Paddle boarding

Paddle boarding is one of a popular in water sports activity. If you are a beginner then you should start from basic renting equipment from the surf shops. As a paddle board made by professional Surfboard Manufacturers may cost you about two to three thousand dollars by.

So renting equipment is the best way to find out the best fit.When you have collected paddle boarding, sup paddle and personal flotation devices it’s time for you to get into the water. Floating device is compulsory because cost guards rate a stand up board as a vassal.

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Rating paddle board is compulsory by the law. The time you are standing out you need to find a lake free of obstructions and boat traffic. You need to follow under mentioned steps while paddleboarding:-

  • You need to stand the board into boast end facing top side above.
  • One should lay the paddle at his feets which would be easy to reach.
  • The person should stand in the middle of the paddle board while gripping the railing in order to balance board.
  • On the board is steady, sit down and grab the paddle and carry it to your boat.

the time you have reached the water source, it’s time for you to climb on the paddle board and go into waist deep or shallow water. Putt the paddles across and pull yourself on the sitting place of the board.

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The surfer should hold railing of the board with one hand and the paddle grip with other. Now you need to move into kneeling position slightly behind the center point of the board.

You must be completely into the water by now without dipping the nose and tail of board into the water. Once you feel you are ready you need to stand on one foot and start paddling into the water. You just need to keep your feets parallel and don’t try to stand on the railing.