Car Seats by Recaro

The Recaro car seat is one of the famous brands of car seats. Recaro car seats were manufactured and formed by German company Recaro. This company has gained the status of manufacturing high-quality, great looking and long-lasting car seats

The human body was not able to sit down for a long period of time that is why ergonomics and comfort are the main principles of Recaro. Recaro has a good understanding of sitting postures and correct body control and it uses the experience in seat cover manufacturing.

Recaro car seats features

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Types of Recaro car seats:

1. Specialist Series:
Specialist L: Specialist L is a good option for medium-sized to a large person who is looking for a comfortable seat. This will offer you a long seat cushion with side bolster and very good side support during driving.
Specialist M: Specialist M offers a comfortable and supportive backrest. These types of seats are suitable for medium-sized to large persons and for the drivers who get in and out frequently.
Specialist S: Specialist S provide short seat cushion with less side support. Specialist S seats are a good option for a medium-sized person.

Recaro car seats types

2. Expert Series:
Expert S: Expert S seat provide short seat cushion with less side support. It also provides adjustable backrest side bolsters and it is a good option for a medium-sized person.
Expert M: Expert M provides adjustable backrest side bolsters. Suitable for vehicles in which some distance from the ground.
Expert L: Expert L has long seat with high side bolsters. Recaro Expert L is the best option for medium-sized to a large person.

3. Ergomed Series:
Ergomed E: This series has everything that you want for comfortable journeys. This is the world’s first seats with universal side airbags.
Ergomed ES: This is the top model of the Recaro product range. This is the first retrofit seat with side airbags. These seats are best for the people who drive a lot.
Ergomed E/ES SAB: Ergomed E/ES SAB provides side bolsters and a flat seat cushion which allows easy entry and exit. It comes with integrated heating in the seat cushion.


Safety is an important issue for Recaro that is why company undertakes a regular crash test to improve quality of seats and confirm they are in compliance to all the related safety standards. If you are using Recaro seats then you will definitely feel comfort and support even on the roughest track.

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