How To Choose Right Cricket Bat For Yourself?

It is true that “great bat does not make a great batsman” it requires skills and practice. But without a better grip and a right bat, you will not be able to execute and show your true potential. For this reason, an experienced cricketer ensures every minute aspect of the bat.

For a batsman, a cricket bat is the fundamental of cricket. These days, buying a cricket bat is no more a headache, there is various sports retailer in the market you can visit. Moreover, you can also purchase cricket bat from online stores like SPORTS BLUE (Official website:

cricket training

Here are few things you need to consider while purchasing a new bat:

Your need

When you are beginning a career in the cricket and looking for a bat for training purpose, you don’t need to buy an expensive bat. Because you are not used to your batting style yet. However, if you are training for a long time and playing with the hard leather ball, you need a strong and thicker bat.

bat material


All cricket bats are carved from willow, which is naturally fibrous wood. Quality of bat is determined by the quality of willow used in it. Two types of willow are used for the making the bat- English willow and Kashmir willow. Professional use bat made from English willow and they are quite expensive. But as a grown-up adult, you can also purchase cricket bat made from Kashmir willow.

Legal specification and size

You must buy a bat from the reputed manufacturer. Because they always follow the guidelines laid by the ICC. You should choose the right bat size depending on your physical size and strength.

size chart         

Other considerations

Depending on your batting style you can choose the bat with the right position of “sweet spot”. Cricket bats are made from different grades of willows. Grade 1+ is the highest quality of willow.

You can browse this website to get the detailed explanation of how to choose a right bat.