Different Type Of Enclosure?

Planning to buy a screen enclosure? If yes, then it’s a right chooses to keep your pool clean and protected. With screen enclosure, you can enjoy the outdoors without annoying bugs, cold winds, or bright sun. It not only increase your outdoor enjoyment but also adds beauty to your home.

If you check online you will find a different type of screen enclosure that can work great for your home and backyard. Screen enclosure usually has different attributes and design.

In case you are planning to buy an enclosure then firstly you should know its basic types. Given below are some of them.


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Screen Rooms

A structure that has a solid roof and the open screened wall is known as a screen room.  Screen rooms are added on the patio or deck. It has gabled or sloped roofs. The type of screen room chosen by you will totally depend on your preference.

Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosure is a kind of screen enclosure designed in order to protect your outdoor swimming pool. You can install it above ground or in-ground pools. They are considered as best for keeping bugs out.

Pool enclosures are available in different styles and materials. In some pool enclosure, you can see-through. You can choose a particular pool enclosure according to your choice.  


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These are glass enclosures designed in such a way that you can view outdoor along with complete protection from the elements. They do not require installation you can build them in addition to your home or at the top of the deck or patio. 

Patio Covers

These enclosures are not fully enclosed. The top of an area is covered with these enclosures. They are designed in order to protect an area from the sun and rain.  You can convert patio covers into screen rooms with the addition of screen walls. You can click here to know more about patio covers. 


Pergolas are artistic and free-standing and are used to protect you from the sun. They are available in almost every size, shape, color, and style.