Different Types Of Roof Slate

There are many types of roofing slates available in the market and each of them have their own particular features as well as qualities. Therefore, one must consider slate roofing sydney to get more knowledge regarding what will be the best type for him/her.

Roofs Slating

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Now, in this article we will be discussing the various types of slate that are available today:

1) Sea green slate

This slate can be defined as a slate which has the color of the sea when it is quarried for the first time, but changes to light gray color along  with buffs and tans once it weathers.

Therefore, it is more popularly known as “weathering gray-green slate” today. This is a hard slate which comes with a life expectancy of about 150 years. This is a very common slate and further these roofs are considered as highly restorable.

2) Purple slate

It can be defined as the one which stays dark purple throughout its life. Also, there are some which are speckled with green. This slate is considered to be an excellent choice because it comes along with a life expectancy of 150+ years. Further, these roofs are also highly restorable.

3). Peach Bottom slates

Slate Types

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These slates are normally dark black in color, hard in nature, and very long lasting.  It sometimes get difficult to distinguish them from Buckingham slates.It comes with a life expectancy of 150-200 years or more.

This is famous by the name of repair slate, therefore if anyone is considering slate roof repair in the near future, then this type of slate can be referred to.

4) Unfading green slate

This is an excellent slate which is light green in color and shows no wear even after 120 years. This slate can normally last for 200 years or even more.

5) Monson slates

These slates are also dark black in color. This is an excellent slate which is highly long lasting  with a life expectancy of 150 years or even more.