Few Tips To Build A Safe Room

A safe room is not only going to provide an homeowner protection against intruders, but will also gives the shield from tornadoes and high-wind storms. If there is no basement in your home then you should construct a safe room over floor and use it as a storm shelter.

So if you are planning to  construct a new storm shelter at you backyard and then you must contact the professionals of dyi hurricane shelters. These Professionals will guide you to choose the right shelter.

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Below mentioned are some tips that will help you to build a safe room:

As the initial step, you have to pour the concrete to the secure room precisely the exact same time you are building your new house. If you would like to build your safe room after the completion of your home then you need to be certain that you hire reliable contractor that could match the exterior into the present siding.

The next step would be to emphasize into the thickness of five or more feet below the bottom level. To be able to permit for the correct integrity of this construction, you need to bury the walls intensely in the floor.

The next step would be to bring the steel reinforcement to the concrete forms until you’re likely to pour the walls. To be able to grow the wall power, you may use double or triple regular quantity of steel. In case you do not have a backyard then you can even opt the in-closet storm shelters.

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The fourth measure is to offer accessibility for essential electrical and for venting system by placing conduit from the wall prior to pouring the concrete. Just ensure you could offer the sufficient access for each the accessories you will need.

The next step is to pour the concrete walls into the thickness of eight feet above the ground level. You have to bear in mind it is going to look like walk-in cupboard so it’s very important that it’s a viable ceiling elevation. Make sure you follow these step properly in order to install the safe room.