Helpful Tips on Selling Jewelry

Nowadays you can easily make money through selling your unused or old jewelry in a local jewelry shop. The prices for metal are highest in history so selling your estate jewelry is a good option to make some money. Nowadays many jewelry shop owners are buying old jewelry to make new jewelry pieces for their inventory. If you have old jewelry and you do not use anymore then you may need to consider selling it to a reputable jewelry shop and take advantage of high metal values.

Here are some types of jewelry you can sell to the local jewelry shop to make some money:

Antique Jewelry

Antique jewelry is also known as estate jewelry that is becoming more popular to wear amongst young women. This is many reasons to sell the estate jewelry that you don’t use. Jewelry shops will offer you money for your antique jewelry pieces to either break down or to clean and sell to their customers.

Most of the times you get old rings, earrings or pendants handed down from friends or family members that do not suit your style. You can sell these pieces, get money and enjoy them. You can also visit website for selling your old jewelry.

Diamond Jewelry

There is no wonder you can sell your diamond jewelry as they will always hold a high value. The main thing to understand is the actual value of your diamonds for resale. If you have diamond jewelry that is less than the half a carrot in weight then they are not going to be enticing for a jewelry buyer to buy from you as there are so many out there. If you have a diamond jewelry larger than a half carrot it will be easier to sell.


If you have rolex watch that you are no longer using, you can make some money by selling it. Even if your sell rolex watch that no longer works you could still make cash selling it to a jewelry shop. Most of the jewelry shops will buy watches no matter the condition they are in or who the manufacturer is. The watches that are most valuable to sell are gold watches.