Important Uses of a Gas Mask

Gas masks are normally designed to protect a person’s mouth and nose with the harmful fumes and microscopic particles. These are also known as face fitted protective equipment, which is used for various reasons and also depends on the situations.

Due to these varied uses, these masks are made in numerous style. Some manufacturers and military surplus stores also produce masks covering the entire face of the person. These types of gas masks have a filter from where the air passes and is used when the person breathes in.

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Nowadays, the gas masks are used as costumes for several themes parties; however, these protective gears were popularly used during Second World War as an essential protective gear.

Military army forces supply gas masks to their troops with full face coverage which is essential in case they come across any threats and harmful biological weapons which are coming from the enemies and terrorists.

These protective items are also used for industrial purposes for respiratory protection which can be dangerous because of the harmful fumes generated in these industries.

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Besides military and industrial usage, people use gas masks just for fun too. Trend setters are using these masks to create a unique fashion statement.

Gas masks are used in various clubs and bars by people in order to protect the amount of cigarette smoke they inhale. Using gas masks in clubs can be a great option for people who hate smog filled surroundings or are allergic to smoke.

Unlike the ones that are used in military or industrial purpose, these protective gear used for fashion are made of simple filters. However, some manufacturers also include neutralizing filters too.

To offer more appeal to the avid fashion lovers, manufacturers also produce basic versions of industrial respirators gas masks in various colors.

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Apart from using as an accessory, these protective items are also used for law enforcement purposes. Police departments provide gas masks to their Swat team for some special uses, especially in riots.