Information Related To Stainless Steel Sheet

People make use of stainless steel sheet for different purposes. While choosing a particular sheet it is important to ensure the thickness of the sheet. The size of stainless steels may vary from 7/10 mm to 5 mm. These sheets are available in almost all sizes and used according to the company’s specification. You can have a look at to get more information related to the stainless steel sheet.

The other important aspect that should be considered while buying a stainless steel sheet is how it is finished or polished. The process carried out during finishing of stainless steels are satin polish, bright annealed, dull buffed and bright polished.


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Other important facts related to stainless steel sheet are listed below.

Different types of stainless steels

Stainless steel sheets are available in different forms. Many people choose austenitic forms of stainless steel sheets because of its features like:

  •    Resistance toward corrosion
  •    Ability to transform into a different shape, grades and sizes

As a result of cold working austenitic stainless sheets become stronger.

The next type of stainless steels is known as ferritic. This kind of stainless steel belongs to the 400-series of metals. The features associated with such stainless steel are ductile, corrosion, oxidation resistant and magnetic.

Martensitic stainless steel sheet come in the category of 400-series of metals that are magnetic.  These sheets are not ductile and corrosion resistant as ferritic stainless steels.


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Other forms of stainless steel sheet belong to duplex metal categories. You can click here to know more about stainless steel.

Choosing stainless steel sheets

As we have discussed above it important to consider thickness and finishes while selecting stainless steel sheets for home or business construction. Addition to this production processes, performance features should be considered while selecting the stainless steel sheets.

You should consider inner-outer diameters, overall length, and thickness when it comes to dimension specification of a stainless steel sheet.

The last factor that should be considered while selecting an industrial product is resistance to wear and tear, corrosion and shock.