Plastic Recycling: How Plastic Can Be Recycled

Plastic can be collected from various sources such as drop-off bins, curbside recycling, and supermarket recycling machines. Not all plastics are recyclable. Have you ever checked the bottom of any plastic container? There is a small symbol that indicates that the container is recyclable.

Plastic recycling exists in almost all countries, in one or other form. You may find several recycling centers in your local yellow pages. Besides recycling plastic, some of the companies work as scrap metal dealers as well.

Plastic Recycling

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Some Useful Recycling Tips

  • Wash and categorize your plastics according to the numbers that are marked at the bottom. Mixing numbers may lead to contamination during the recycling process.
  • Types 1 and 2, which usually include milk jugs, detergent containers, some plastic bags, soda and water bottles and cooking oil bottles, can be recycled curbside provided your city offers this service.
  • Return the plastic grocery bags to the stores so that they can be recycled.

Plastic Waste

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  • Separate the lids and spray-pumps from the bottles. Generally, they are made up of a different type of plastic which most of the time is not recyclable.
  • Discover if your city entails you to take out labels from plastic containers before recycling.

How is Plastic Recycled?

The plastic recycling process starts with collected plastic bottles being clunked together into bales at the recycling industry. Bales may weigh up to 1200 lbs. These bales are then shipped to a repossessing company where they are divided and shredded into small pieces with the help of a bale breaker machine.

Plastic Recycling Process

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These small pieces, usually known as flakes are washed, dried, and finally melted. The liquid is formed into beads that can be further molded into other products, like carpet, clothing and jacket filling. Remember that plastic bottles can get recycled into plastic bottles.

Recycling of plastic bags is not entertained by most of the companies as they are light in weight and get caught in the machines. Hence they must be returned back to the grocery stores.