Steps For Planting Marijuana At Home

For those who love marijuana and want to grow it indoors, it is important to know the steps needed for its better cultivation. There are basically two main methods for breeding marijuana, the first is Cloning and the other one is through seeds.

 You can easily buy clones Los Angeles from a reliable store. Marijuana seeds are also available in the market. You can try one of these methods for better marijuana planting.

How Is Marijuana Cloning Done?

Cloning of a plant is basically a process of generating the identical copy of a plant selected as the fittest among all.

Similarly, a marijuana clone is produced by obtaining the healthiest section of a marijuana plant to form a completely new marijuana plant.This process is very simple and less time-consuming as compared to seed planting.

3 things needed for cloning a marijuana plant:

  • Water
  • Rooting medium
  • Rooting hormone

When selecting mother plant to clone, look for a plant that is healthy and strong, at this point the new clone will have more chances to grow stronger.

Grow Marijuana Using Seeds:

This is the second method for growing marijuana indoors. You can grow a cannabis plant using cannabis seeds. Seeds are produced by the recombination of the male and female marijuana plant. These seeds are then used to grow a new marijuana plant.

This process is somewhat lengthy as well as time-consuming. To make it less time-consuming you can buy marijuana seeds from your nearby store.

Nevertheless, most of the marijuana growers prefer its cloning rather than seeding. Because growing marijuana by cloning is a fast process and have more chances to get the healthy plant as compared to a seeding plant.

Cloning of a marijuana will give you exactly the same copy as that of its mother plant.

These two methods are suitable for a better marijuana cultivation. Learn more about growing better marijuana plants.