Taser Guns Vs. Stun Guns: Which One Is Better

Which one is better: Stun guns or Taser guns? This is the hot question that many customers ask when they are searching for the right weapon for self-defense.

Obviously, both Taser guns and Stun guns are remarkably efficient self-defense weapons. Still, there is definitely a clear difference between both the weapons. Both of them have their positive and negative points which you will come to know by reading the following paragraphs:

Types of Guns

Stun Gun

A Stun gun is an electrical device that uses the current to stop an intruder. The attacker can be immediately immobilized by touching him with the prongs on the stun gun. Nevertheless, since the amperage is very low, the attacker would not get any permanent or serious injury.

The pros and cons of a Stun gun

The Stun gun can put a person down quickly and efficiently. As the current is flowing in one way, only the attacker can get a shock and not you, even if the attacker touches you.

Stun Guns

Range capabilities of a Stun gun are very less. The other person should be with arms length so as to be able to use it.

Taser Gun

Taser guns are more like a gun, containing a handle and a trigger. Compressed nitrogen throws two Taser probes at a distance of 15 feet on firing. An electrical signal is transmitted throughout the area where the probes make contact with the body.

A Taser gunshot attacks the neuromuscular control of the person, restricting them to perform coordinated action.

Taser Guns

The pros and cons of a Taser gun

Taser guns come in both short and long range. Using a Taser gun, you can shoot an intruder from a distance and from at a close range as well.

The only problem with this weapon is its price. It is very costly in comparison to stun guns. You may visit local gun shows where professionals would be able to give you more knowledge on both the weapons.

Knowing about the pros and cons of both Stun guns and Taser guns, you would be now in the position to decide which one to choose from both the options. To know the difference between a Stun and Taser gun, you may visit this link.