Which Type Of Agent Should You Hire For Your Real Estate Dealings

Referring to the present situation of real estate market, anyone can now purchase a property at an affordable price. There are several foreclosed houses now available in the market. These houses are available at very low prices as the loan providers simply want to get their money back.

Using the services of a good realtor, like Ron Morgan can help you in locating the best real estate available in the market. You may continue reading to learn how to find a perfect realtor that suits your needs and how to retain their services.

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Three Types Of Real Estate Agents

In the modern world of housing, you will find three types of real estate agents viz. a buyer’s agent, a seller’s agent and a dual agent. Each one of these has their own importance in real estate industry.

A buyer’s agent:

A buyer’s agent is employed by the buyer in order to save the maximum amount of money while purchasing a property. The buyer’s agents will get a share of the sales selling price. Also, sometimes, the buyer agrees to pay the agent a share of the sale’s price.

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A seller’s agent:

This type of agent works for the seller and try to get them the maximum amount of money attainable. The seller’s agent receives some percentage of the sales price; therefore he makes his best efforts to obtain the optimal sales price of the real estate.

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A dual agent:

A dual agent can represent both the buyers and sellers equally. These agents only work to get the deal done. He will arrange up the appointments for the inspection of the home and discuss with the loan company, but will not provide assistance regarding the sales price.

These were the three common types of a real estate agent. To read more about them, you may refer this link.