Types of Conveyor System

In this technological era, people avoid doing manual work. This is because they have been benefited by modern machinery. The introduction of the conveyor systems brought revolutionary changes in the industrial sector.  

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Nowadays, industries are able to maintain their products quality and they can increase the production rate with the lesser number of employees. We can broadly divide these conveyor systems into two categories; one is belt conveyor system and the other is roller conveyor system.

Now, arises the most commonly asked question, which one to choose? To answer this question, a conveyor belt is generally used in abattoirs, food production industries, or manufacturing industries where goods are to be handled and transported with care.

These belts can be used in industries where goods of irregular sizes are moved or they have to be transported to different places or levels. The roller conveyor system can be motorized or can be gravity operated.

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This conveyor system is best suited for those industries who deal with heavy loads, regular shaped packages or movement of boxes. These are easy to maintain, low cost conveyor systems which can be bolted up together to form a longer conveyor system.

The roller system can also be used as portable conveyors which can be moved around the production house as required and these can also be used for safe transfer of vehicles and loading bays in the warehouse.

Load capacity of a conveyor system

Every conveyor system, whether it is belt conveyor or roller conveyor, has a maximum load capacity. While making a choice of a conveyor system, calculate the load capacity you need for your business. If you have to move heavy loads such as pallets then you need a dedicated pallets conveyor system.

Custom conveyor belt system

Quality equipment manufacturers make use of conveyor belt systems which can be bolted together to form a complete custom conveyor system. These units are beneficial to the industries as they are convenient, cheap , and can be quickly installed.

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Conveyor systems have been very beneficial to the industries, you can get more information on advantage and uses of conveyor systems.