Use Of Versatile Shipping Containers

We all are well aware of the usage of “Shipping containers”.

These containers are built from special hard steel materials, rectangular shaped and are extensively used in the shipping industry for transportation of cargo.

They are considered more for temporary storage for various kinds of goods as they protect them from getting damaged while conveying them from one place to other areas, mostly to other countries.

Shipping containers are so much in demand that they are available in numerous sizes and weights.

That is not all, shipping containers are been used to solve many other purposes also.

Dearness has reached its new heights due to which every item has become way costlier in past few years.
Real estate industry has hugely got affected by the day-by-day increasing dearness.

It has become quite hard to acquire an apartment, or a flat or even a plot at your desired place on your budget.

Why I am telling you all that because people who can’t afford a house or a flat, can buy old shipping containers and can convert them into a house to live.

If you want to see the live example, online place your search query as “shipping containers Portland” and you will find out how people have converted this hard metal box into beautiful farm houses or, shops, booths, etc.

Now….Shipping Containers Classification….

• Basically, there are two kinds of shipping containers available.

• One is “general purpose containers” and the other one is “dry cargo container”. General containers are most of the time used for residential purpose. You can read this post and find out yourself.

• Other than these two containers, there are standard type containers that are sued for the industry storage work.

• The general purpose cargo containers are gain of two types. The first type is for the “liquid items” that usually comprises of chemicals, fertilizers, fuel and much more. The other type is a thermal container.

• Thermal containers are used to carry wet goods like fruits, meat, vegetables and other throwaway items.

• Dry cargo containers are built waterproof and it comprises of only one door of its sidewalls. It is majorly used to dry goods in bulk like computers, shoes, rice, flour and etc..