What Christians should know about spiritual warfare

It is important for every Christian to become acquainted with the principles of the spiritual warfare. According to bible, we these days are in the midst of a great spiritual war.

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It is basically a supernatural war which rages in the dimension of the spirit world. This is not a war which is just created whereas it has existed for unknown eons of time.

In this war where fallen angels and demon spirits have become the rulers of the darkness.

You will find several people these days who do not understand the spiritual warfare.

The spiritual warfare should be the targeted individual’s personal struggle against the Satan and his campaign to deceive, frustrate, etc.

It is not enough for you to understand the reality. Rather is important for you to properly understand that there is a strategic basis from where all spiritual warfare must be prosecuted.

There are also people who don’t take this invisible war seriously and they need to do battle with the power of the darkness.

Some of the individuals are ineffective in their warfare against the Satan. It is because these individuals have not submitted themselves to God which gives Satan an advantage over them.

It is not enough for you to simply acknowledge that the war exists. You should undermine the enemy who desires to steal, kill or want to destroy the life from the Earth.

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