What Is Metal Custom Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is a method which is used to cut metal material to produce the final product. Metal is available in a variety of material such as sheet metal, metal rod and metal bars. There are many CNC machining services that provide custom fabrication.

Most of the metal fabrication companies produce metal products in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Whenever a manufacturer requires a unique metal product then custom fabrication company provides both design and production assistance.


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Different type of metal fabrication service:-

A custom fabrication services are helpful in all the stages of the product development. In case if you require a support on a component assembly project then following type of custom services are beneficial:

  •  Design:  In this stage, there is conceptualization, creation, or analysis of an exact part or the characteristic of the product.
  • Build:  Here the actual construction of the metal product starts.

Various Custom Design Services are:

For designing a unique product it is important to design and plan. If planning is not done in a proper way it will result in structural weakness. There will be a compromise in the quality of metal produced. For the optimal results consider the following custom design services.


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  • Conceptualizing:  If you have a general idea of how the product should look and the important features like strength, versatility, and appearance. Then with conceptualization assistance can determine the exact parts to accomplish the project. You can click here to check more about custom fabrication and design.
  • Computer-aided design (CAD): CAD program provides manufacturers with computer-generated 3D product representation. You can put designs into a CAD program and it will identify potential structural weaknesses prior to actual production.
  • Tooling design:  Design and specialized production tool can also assist custom fabricators during production.