What You should Know About Holoscreen Technology

The visions of a holographic screen in your popular sci-fi movie or TV show may really be here. It’s difficult to believe and hard to imagine but these modern televisions of future are already in the jobs. In fact, engineers and researchers have already set together some impressive prototypes. Many examples have already made their move to the innovation and technology programs.

One such kind of TV is called Claro and it used a flat glass pane where a hologram projector is used at exactly the right angle that also ignores all other light so that it can display a clear picture. The feature of this tv is outstanding. If you want the futuristic look then you can have matching see-through the glass speakers.

The Cheoptics360 is a kind of holographic display that is probably closest to the true 3D Holographic display. It can really be seen from all angles and still provide the amazing clarity in its pictures. That’s a big change of even the modern LED televisions that have a limited viewing point. Most of the people will likely use this kind of projection on the flat glass but there could be even more great designs out in the future.

Other applications for this technology beyond the television industry could include military, medical, or computer gaming. It would be great to play your favorite online game in the 3D holographic form. This 3d hologram technology could improve how we interact with our computer systems and other electronic devices in the radical ways.

Thanks to the movie magic, a star was able to bring up the files in a 3D holographic space in the front of computer screen. From there they could manipulate, organize, and move things around in holographic space to examine different connections between the data.

We have seen this idea in 2D space with the Microsoft’s touted cover demo. Using this technology beyond the digital TV broadcasting and into a gaming world would similarly show revolutionary.